Information For Refugees

A message for anyone fleeing conflict,

 We can never truly understand the difficulties that you have faced, but we do have experience with the transition to a new country. Buffalo Driver Training was founded by a newcomer to Canada, starting as a temporary foreign worker in a trucking company and we have many employees who have transitioned to a life in Canada.

We would like to help in any way we can for those who are interested in becoming a truck driver in Canada.  There are basic steps to first become a resident of Manitoba and then to get a car driver’s licence and then a beginner’s licence to be able to study for a truck driver’s licence.

In Manitoba and many other Canadian provinces, there are rules for minimum training standards. We have 2 eligible courses in Manitoba: MELT (121.5 Hours minimum standard), and Entry Level Program (244 Hours preparation for employment program).

Our school charges fees approximately $6,000 for MELT, but to take the course you must be an experienced truck driver and we may not recommend it to new persons entering the country, the other program is $9,000 for the 244-Entry Level Truck Driver Training Program and is more detailed in information you will need to be successful as a truck driver.

Currently, there is no funding available for newcomers, but we are speaking with employers and the government to find ways to assist you. We are hoping that funding will be coming, but for now, there are employers who may be willing to hire experienced drivers with good English skills and will help pay for the training costs. There are also companies that may hire non-drivers with good English skills and they can progress through company programs to receive training and move into trucking positions.

**The most important thing for anyone seeking employment is to have good English-speaking skills*** The course at our school requires a good English level to be successful and the same for studying books for getting a beginner’s license.

We wish you the best on your journey and wish you health and happiness to you and your families.