Class 1/AZ Courses – Training in Winnipeg

The transportation industry is changing and so are we… 

To align with new training and testing standards all Class 1 MELT training and testing will be completed on a manual transmission.  


Buffalo Driver Training would like to introduce you to our new Class 1 program:


Mandatory Entry-Level Training Manitoba Class 1 Program – MELT


MELT Training consists of the following:

  • 40.5 hours classroom training
  • 40.0 hours in-yard training
  • 41.0 hours in-cab training


Total 121.5 hours of training



  • – 18 years of age or older
  • – Hold a full class 5 licence
  • – Have class 1A licence (class 1 authorized instruction)
  • – Have an “I” endorsement (authorized air brake instruction)
  • – Good English (there are written final exams to be completed to pass)


Our program will run for 4 weeks and attendance in all classes is mandatory. You will have 1 week in the classroom and 3 weeks of practical training.  Our in-yard group training will consist of 31 hours and students will also receive 50 hours of one-on-one training.  


Application Fee $45.00 
An application to be a student at Buffalo Driver Training must be completed, submitted and approved by Buffalo Driver Training prior to enrollment in any program.


Deposit:                                  $400.00 Non-Refundable and included in the course tuition.
Tuition:                                   $6,995.00
Total Program Cost:               $6,995.00


Textbook/handouts/classroom supplies:                   $    80.00*
MPI Professional Driver’s Manual                             $    10.00
MPI Air Brake Manual                                               $    10.00


*The student must pay for the textbook/handouts/classroom supplies charge but may bring their own MPI manuals or purchase their own from MPI.


Booking your Class 1 road test

For all students who take MELT in Manitoba, you can book your road test only after your school notifies MPI that you have successfully completed your MELT course. Allow up to three business days for the notification to be processed before attempting to book your test.


There are no tests included with this program. Once a student has successfully completed the program they can book a road test with MPI. The student may take any vehicle meeting MPI requirements to the test. If they wish to use a Buffalo Driver Training School truck tests additional fees will apply for the truck rental. The price is $275 for a Winnipeg road test for Buffalo Driver Training students. MPI has not placed any limits to the number of attempts that a student can take for a road test. We are expecting that the booking process for road tests after September 1st will be much faster and easier than before as there will be a limited amount of people who will be able to book a road test.


You can read all the regulatory changes here:


To apply for the MELT training program you will need to complete a student application first. 


Please note that we expect that there may be a higher volume of applicants than spaces available for the MELT program. If you are accepted as a student, you may be placed on a wait list till a space in a program is available.


You can return completed applications in person to Buffalo Driver Training Unit D, 415 Lucas Avenue Rosser MB (Ocean Trailer Building 2nd Floor), or by email to


The application fee of $45 will be charged once your application is received by the school. Deposits will not be charged until registration is completed and a contract is signed by the student.


You can download the application HERE.


If you would like to register in the soonest available program please write MELT NEXT AVAILABLE in the Course Applied for: area of your application.

If you would like to register in a specific program please write: MELT INTAKE# ______.  You can also write: MELT INTAKE#_________ OR NEXT AVAILABLE. 


MELT intakes currently available for registration:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us