About Us

Buffalo Driver Training exists to provide training for the trucking industry. Our primary focus is the 244-Hour Entry Level Professional Truck Driver Training Program for Class 1 (AZ equivalent) vehicles. Our secondary focus includes Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) for Class 1 drivers, Class 3 (DZ equivalent) courses, standalone Air Brake Endorsement courses and Pre-Employment Evaluation services for employers in our industry.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality training by using up-to-date standards and curriculum frameworks developed for Canadian truck drivers to produce safe and well-trained drivers for the trucking industry.

Continuously grow as an organization in a way that benefits our students and employees.
Attract and engage with the next generation of drivers by using technologies and digitization to provide informative, supportive, and efficient services.
Support diversity within our organization and promote fairness and equal opportunity amongst our clients.
Create lasting relationships with corporate clients by providing them with essential and customized services.

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